The Causes & Treatments for LPR

LPR stands for Laryngopharyngeal Reflux. It is the backflow of gaseous stomach content into the larynx. When this content flows back, it flows into every part of the respiratory system, causing respiratory diseases. It also causes difficulties in talking, breathing, and swallowing of food.

Causes of LPR

LPR is mainly caused by the malfunctioning of esophageal sphincters. Normally, food is supposed to move only in one direction in the esophagus. Precisely, it should move downwards from the mouth where digestion starts to the rectum where it stops. There’re sphincters in the esophageal lining that ensure that food only flows in one direction. They act as one-way valves that keep food moving from one organ to the other down the gut. Sometimes, these sphincters fail, allowing food as well as gases to flow in the opposite direction. In particular, the failure of the lower esophageal sphincter, upper esophageal sphincter, and pyloric sphincter is high-risk factors for LPR as well as acid reflux.

LPR Treatment


Treatment for LPR depends on the root cause of the disease. However, many physicians adopt a one-size-fits-all technique when treating LPR patients. This approach actually works for some patients but not for all. Where it does not work, it is necessary to correct the malfunctioning of the sphincters first. Nissen Fundoplication, as well as the Stretta Procedure, work big time especially in rectifying a malfunctioning Lower esophageal sphincter. The use of certain forms of medication such as prokinetic agents has also been proven to be effective in restoring the normal functioning of the lower esophageal sphincter.

Treating LPR  Through Lifestyle Change

Treating LPR through a change in lifestyle is easy. Regular exercise, as well as dietary changes,  are sufficient to keep this disease at bay unless there is an underlying medical condition. Therefore, practice good eating habits in order to treat LPR. Make sure that all your meals are balanced. Avoid eating at night too. The avoidance of acidic foods as well as drinks is one of the most effective but less understood treatments for LPR. The stomach content that causes LPR is mainly a mixture of hydrochloric acid. In fact, the inflammation of the airways among LPR patients is as a result of the pepsin enzyme digesting the walls of the airways. Acidic solutions reactivate the pepsin enzyme, aggravating its digesting activity on the walls of the respiratory tract. Therefore, you should avoid acidic foods at all costs if you want to cure LPR. Instead, look for alkaline drinks to deactivate the enzyme. Proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs) prevent acid production in the stomach, but it is not the most effective of LPR treatments. In fact, there’re reports suggesting that they don’t work at all.


In general, there are many causes of LPR. There’re also many forms of treatment for this disease. However, by simply watching what you eat as well as exercising regularly, you can easily treat LPR. Take your time to learn more about the prevention and treatment of LPR at You will realize that you don’t always have to go to the hospital whenever you’re suffering from LPR. You can treat it at home.…

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