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General Information About Wartrol

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves Wartrol as safe for use in the clearing of warts. It is used to treat common warts and also plantar warts. Any other kinds of warts like the genital ones require consulting a doctor for procedures such as cryotherapy to be done. The main active ingredient is the salicylic acid which makes it very effective in the curing of warts. It also has other ingredients as well which help the main component in working. It is easy to use since one needs just an applicator.


Salicylic acidtreating toes

Wartrol has 17% salicylic acid which is a safe recommendation for the over the counter products. It works by softening and killing the layers of the skin until the wart disappears completely. Being an acid, it may cause a mild skin irritation on the area and around where it is applied.


This is more of a disinfectant due to its antibacterial properties. It is also helpful in keeping the wart free of bacteria to allow penetration of the salicylic acid into the wart.

Ascorbic acid

This has mainly vitamin C. it is used to maintain a healthy skin. It enhances the production of collagen which strengthens the skin. This is necessary for the repair of skin after the wart has been gotten rid of.

Flexible collodion

This is a mixture of camphor, castor oil and collodion. It works by binding the salicylic acid on the wart forming an antibacterial barrier during the application. Camphor is used to reduce itching and prevent the occurrence of fungal infections.


This is natural oil that is extracted from the mint plant. It brings a cooling sensation when applied on the skin. It is meant to reduce the irritation caused by the salicylic acid.

Polysorbate 80

Helps in dissolving of the other ingredients in the mixture since water is used. It helps in dissolving the oil in water.

How to use

It is applied topically on the wart with a brush applicator that comes along with it. Before the application, one has to start by cleaning the affected area then drying it thoroughly. The Wartrol can then be applied then left to dry. This procedure is repeated twice a day for at least twelve weeks before the wart disappears.

Side effects

It does not have major side effects now that it is applied topically. However, skin irritation can arise as a result of applying the Wartrol. This is characterized by skin redness, peeling and a burning sensation. If any other symptoms occur, then one should stop using it immediately.

Wartrol should also not be used on the face warts before any consultation with a doctor is done.

Where to buy

icon for buying onlineWartrol does not need a prescription to be bought. It can only be bought online from the official manufacturer’s website. It comes in different bottle sizes for one to choose their preferred size.This is because the manufacturer wants to maintain its quality.…

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beautiful girl

When Should You See A Dermatologist?

Visit a dermatologist if

  • Rashes that are itchy and irritating and never disappear. Eczematous dermatitis is characterized by uncomfortable inflammation, irritating and itchy skin that persists. If you are confident this irritation and itching is not a case of being allergic to a product you are using, then pay a visit to a dermatologist.
  • Stubborn acne that never disappears with over-counter products. A mixture of a benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid when applied routinely can help in controlling moderate breakouts of acne. If the acne persists, then visit a dermatologist.
  • girl suffering from acneDiscoloration of the skin and moles that are abnormal may be cancerous. If the moles are asymmetric, have irregular borders, raises above the skin, and increases in size considerably and shows color variation, then this is alarming.
  • Stretch marks and cellulite. Companies may sell their products by promising to clear all your stretch marks. In most cases, they are lying. So you need a dermatologist, they can carry laser treatments on you to improve the situation.
    • Scar treatment. Over-the-counter products can treat small scars, but when it is a deep one which is raised and thick, you might need a dermatologist to depress the raised ones and resets the deep ones.
    • Red marks that result from acnes and blemishes. For the red marks that never disappear or heal by themselves, they need the attention of dermatologists.

When should you not see a dermatologist?

• If you are impatient. You might yawn for an instant result after your treatment. Mostly, they do not work overnight, and so you need to give it time before you conclude that your condition is being stubborn.
• General skin care information. Dermatologists are not taught on skin-care products and formulation in general. Their center of interest is usually skin diseases in the school. Information on skin-care is gotten from people who work for cosmetic companies or in conferences. Therefore, go to a dermatologist for skin diseases and not general skin-care information.

How do dermatologists help you?

getting a facialA dermatologist can assist you with diagnosis and treatment of hair, nail and skin diseases.
• Exclusively, they are taught in helping you manage your skin. It could be rashes from any cause, drug reactions, and allergies, acnes or hair loss.
• Dermatologists can make you look the best you can by treating scars and carrying out laser treatments on you to treat veins, wrinkles, and age spots.
• They can give you compressive advice on skin care, skin cancer treatment, laser treatments and rejuvenation treatments.…

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