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Top Exercises for Skateboarders

Exercises play an essential role in the life of any skateboarder. By working it, you can strengthen some muscle groups necessary to enhance your performance. Ideally, skateboarding is often too demanding on the lower body, which is required while doing some stunts. That said, here are some top exercises that should feature in any skateboarder’s workout routine.

Barbell Calf Raisescalf raise workout

As a skateboarder, you have to work out your calf muscle. Why is it important? Calf muscles are essential to balancing on a skateboard. Barbell calf raises are recommended for skateboarders. This workout requires that you stand with your feet about shoulder at a shoulder-width apart. Then proceed and place your barbell on the lower back. With the barbell on your shoulder, lift your heels off the floor and then back to the start position. Make sure that you feel your heels are stretched to the maximum.

Seated Leg Press

A seated leg press workout works on your quads, which are essential in helping you maintain balance while executing your moves on the skateboard. Seated leg presses also work on your glutes. To do this exercise, you should bend your knees to assume a 90-degree position while resting on your back and your knees fixed on the footplate. Grasp the handles on the bench, and extend your knees to push the weight. As a tip, make sure you watch the weight you are using. Start with lighter loads and gradually increase it as your muscles become stronger.

Stability Ball Hamstring Curl

This workout works on both the hamstring and the glutes. Ideally, working on this set of muscles will help you maintain your stability while on the board. To do this exercise, you need a stability ball. While lying down on the floor, step on the ball. From there, lift your butt off the floor by lifting your hips. Pull and push the ball with your feet. Do a number of reps, relax, and repeat it again.stability ball

Core Muscle Workouts

You also need to strengthen your core, which is essential in improving your balance. The good thing about core workouts is that there is a range of exercises that target the core. Some decent workouts that target your core include seat ups, planks, Russian twists, flutter kicks, and hip bridges, among others.

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Benefits of having a personal trainer

A lot of us are so busy that we don’t have the time to eat right or go to the gym and get a good workout. For some, they find time to hit the gym, but don’t know the proper way to lift weight to get the result that they are looking for. There are a lot of people that go on diets but don’t lose any weight or very little and then give up.

The main reason for this is because everyone is different. Some diets work good for others, and some diets don’t work at all for the other people. Every time you give up on yourself you lose more and more willpower. Hiring a personal trainer will help achieve the body that you want.



healthy foodWhen you go on a diet or hit the gym by yourself, it is too easy to give up; you will start making all these excuses why you don’t have the time to hit the gym. When you hire a trainer, it is harder to let yourself down; you have more of a commitment. With a trainer, he or she will push you to your limits. This will help build your self-esteem.


They will ask what you would like to change about yourself. Whether it be to lose weight or to build muscles, even to be a better person. Once you tell them what you want to change, they will go over it with their team and come up with a plan. They will ask you how often you will be able to come into the gym, and for how long you can stay. This will be broken down into three steps.

  • Lose weight
  • Eat healthy
  • Build muscles

The trainer should be qualified in all these areas; most trainers have gone through a schooling on how to work the muscles the right way and what foods are needed to get the best results for healthy weight loss.


fat and slim girlsIf you are there to lose weight, then they will put you on a diet that will be very effective for your personality. They will mix exercise with the right food so that you will reach your goal fast. This will be the same if you are looking to gain muscle mass. There are foods that will make you build muslces faster.…

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doing yoga on a paddle board

What to Look for When Buying a Paddle Board for Doing Yoga

Paddle board yoga would be suitable for you if you love yoga and prefer the fresh air of the outdoors. Many people consider yoga as an excellent exercise routine for fitness and relaxation. Yoga is associated with meditation and clarity of the mind, and there is no better way to achieve these goals other than by practicing yoga in a place that enables you to connect with nature. Many paddle boards for doing yoga exist in the market. However, these are some of how you can identify the best paddle board for yoga.


Yoga is an exercise that requires relative calm and focus. It is, therefore, necessary to get a paddle board that will allow you to concentrate during the exercise. Look for a paddle board that will give you the stability that you need. Hard stand-up paddle boards are significantly stable because they are made of hard materials. However, inflatable stand up paddle boards are also just as steady these days. It is upon you to choose a paddle board that will put your mind at ease while practicing yoga on water.

Suitability for Yoga

yoga on a paddle boardMany types of paddle boards exist in the market today, but not all of them are suitable for practicing yoga on water. It is common to see people falling on water when they attempt to practice yoga on paddle boards that have not been designed for this activity. Consider buying paddle boards that have been specially designed for yoga. Yoga paddle boards are custom made of yoga exercises and are highly functional. They are characterized by large decks to accord you sufficient space to practice yoga. It is, therefore, essential to find a paddle board for doing yoga and not just any other type of paddle board.


Invest in a paddle board that comes with the right accessories. These items will help you out especially if you are a beginner. A yoga paddle board will a full accessories package will help you get comfortable while practicing on water relatively fast and enjoy your yoga exercises.

Inflatable vs Non-Inflatable Paddle Boards

men doing yoga pose in paddle boardsYoga enthusiasts can choose between an inflatable and non-inflatable paddle board for their yoga routines. Both the iSUP and SUP can be used for practicing yoga on water. Choose the option that makes you comfortable. For instance, some people view the non-inflatable paddle boards as the best for yoga because they are compact and provide enough stability. Some, on the other hand, prefer the inflatable paddle boards because they are soft and comfortable and, therefore, ideal for yoga. Both of these types of paddle boards are suitable for yoga, and it thus comes down to your individual preference.

Other things to consider when buying a paddle board for doing yoga include price, size, and the ease with which the board can be carried. These factors will ensure that you find a paddle board for doing yoga that meets your needs and preferences. You can practice yoga on water and enjoy the beauty of nature by purchasing the right type of paddle board for yoga.…

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Changes in Modern Physiotherapy Technology

Physiotherapy is an important type of therapy for people who are recovering from injuries and ailments. However, the benefits of this form of therapy are now numerous due to advancement in technology. Long gone are the days when people only used to visit a physiotherapist when sick.

Today, people are considering the treatment to avoid ailments and also to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most of the procedures we have today are painless and still very effective in delivering the desired results. Midwest Physical Therapy experts have skills and equipment to adopt the changes in technology.

Types of modern physiotherapy treatments

Aquatic therapy

Just like the name suggests, aquatic therapy involves the usegirl doing aquatic therapy of water for treatment. This is a good treatment because it is painless for patients who cannot withstand the pain that comes with physiotherapy. This is a type of therapy is ideal for people who are dealing with obesity and weight-related issues. The water pressure is used in this type of treatment, and it is directed to various parts of the body.

Gaming technology

The use of games in physiotherapy is a new technology, but people are quickly responding. Today we have games that manipulate the body to make certain movements. Through the body movements, it becomes easy to exercise different parts of the body.

The best thing about this type of treatment is the fact that it doesn’t feel like work. Many patients shy away from physiotherapy sessions because it involves the painful and boring visits to the hospital. With this kind of treatment, it because easy to get the treatment without pain.

Suits and robotics

Today we have suits and robotics that have been specifically designed for robotics. Once you wear the suit, it facilitates the movement of the body and walking. The suit will align the various body parts and help in stretching the body. With this suit, the physiotherapist intervention is minimal. It is also very easy to learn how to use this suit for treatment.

hand physical therapy

Home-based care

In the past years, the only way to get physiotherapy treatment was going to the hospital. However, this is quickly changing, and it is now possible to get the treatment from the comfort of your home. For patients who are going through long-term recovery. This is no need of going to the hospital every time to get the care. A physiotherapist can always come home and give you the services that you can get at the hospital.…

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Great Technological Advancement To Home Sauna

With the increasing rate of health awareness, people are striving to improve their ways of life by adjusting to more healthy living styles. This is due to the reducing estimated life span. People are embracing living health as an important task in their life, also watching what they eat and are keen to detox. One other way used to improve health is through a home infrared sauna.

Doctors have widely recommended it due to its numerous benefits. They include flushing out of toxins, relaxation of muscles, skin cleansing, calorie burning and stress relieving just to mention a few. This can also be enjoyed at home. With the advancement of technology, home saunas can also be advanced through the following ways;

Technological advancements to home sauna

Infrared technology

home saunaComparison between the traditional sauna and infrared sauna shows the advancement in technology. Traditional sauna gives a high heat and low humid environment whereas a much milder environment characterizes infrared sauna. It comes as an excellent alternative for those who are not comfortable with the high heat in traditional saunas. One can opt to install this device at home and enjoy living a healthy life it provides.

Digital control panels

Notably, the saunas of these days come with a digital interface rather than the slippery knobs one could turn with the sweating hands. Such interfaces allow one to regulate various capabilities with just a touch of a finger. In fact, the more advanced saunas will allow you to use voice commands without disturbing your relaxation positions through stretching. Additionally, they have the automated options where one can set the auto off with a timer.


home saunaA well-advanced sauna will in fact not provide any music but a high-quality sound system. Having a music system that can bear the heat in a sauna is not just any ordinary technology. So if you love unwinding with some soothing music as you steam your body, then this is the way to go. One can also regulate the music using the digital interface or any other command interface available.

Safety features

The high-end sauna comes with significantly advanced safety features to ensure that nothing happens to you. Unlike the traditional sauna which was dark and totally sealed with wood, the advanced ones have glass doors and light so that a person outside can come to your rescue if in danger. Again they have a quick safety button to turn then off if one needs to turn it off.

You can enjoy these advancements if you need to enjoy more from the saunas.…

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