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By: Meredith Patton

Top Exercises for Skateboarders

Exercises play an essential role in the life of any skateboarder. By working it, you can strengthen some muscle groups necessary to enhance your performance. Ideally, skateboarding is often too demanding on the lower body, which is required while doing some stunts. That said, here are some top exercises that should feature in any skateboarder’s workout routine.

Barbell Calf Raisescalf raise workout

As a skateboarder, you have to work out your calf muscle. Why is it important? Calf muscles are essential to balancing on a skateboard. Barbell calf raises are recommended for skateboarders. This workout requires that you stand with your feet about shoulder at a shoulder-width apart. Then proceed and place your barbell on the lower back. With the barbell on your shoulder, lift your heels off the floor and then back to the start position. Make sure that you feel your heels are stretched to the maximum.

Seated Leg Press

A seated leg press workout works on your quads, which are essential in helping you maintain balance while executing your moves on the skateboard. Seated leg presses also work on your glutes. To do this exercise, you should bend your knees to assume a 90-degree position while resting on your back and your knees fixed on the footplate. Grasp the handles on the bench, and extend your knees to push the weight. As a tip, make sure you watch the weight you are using. Start with lighter loads and gradually increase it as your muscles become stronger.

Stability Ball Hamstring Curl

This workout works on both the hamstring and the glutes. Ideally, working on this set of muscles will help you maintain your stability while on the board. To do this exercise, you need a stability ball. While lying down on the floor, step on the ball. From there, lift your butt off the floor by lifting your hips. Pull and push the ball with your feet. Do a number of reps, relax, and repeat it again.stability ball

Core Muscle Workouts

You also need to strengthen your core, which is essential in improving your balance. The good thing about core workouts is that there is a range of exercises that target the core. Some decent workouts that target your core include seat ups, planks, Russian twists, flutter kicks, and hip bridges, among others.


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