What to Know Before Putting on a Facemask

Coronavirus is a condition that has claimed many lives across the globe. It is a highly infectious respiratory condition. The World Health Organization (WHO) outlined several measures to prevent the spread of this particular infection. Putting on a facemask is one of them. You can opt for surgical N95 or cloth masks that will keep you protected.

You can also get a custom face mask from the different types. The other measure most governments are putting in place to prevent coronavirus spread is going into lockdown. This is meant to stop public congestion, which may result in the spread of the disease. Even if the lockdown is lifted, protective measures against the coronavirus will continue to be essential to prevent the disease from returning.face mask

In this context, the mask is expected to continue to be a common element of the so-called “new normal.” You should familiarize yourself with different tips that will ensure you are protected when using a facemask. Here are some you should know.

If you have a face shield, you should also wear a mask

maskRecent research suggests that the eyes appear to be an important transmission route for the novel coronavirus. One measure by which you could avoid contact with your face to protect yourself from infection is to use a face shield. But this should always be integrated with the mask. Because while they help cover the eyes and ears, face shields don’t offer respiratory protection as the mask does.

Protection is not fully guaranteed with surgical masks

Wearing a surgical or hygienic mask prevents the spread of saliva droplets and thus avoids infecting others. But none of these types show great effectiveness in filtering the air, so they won’t prevent contagion. Also, the type FPP1 masks filter only 78% of the particles, so do not represent a total barrier against infection. Despite this, its usefulness should not be underestimated, since, as seen, they help not to spread the disease if you are infected. If everyone wore them, this would minimize the spread of COVID-19, especially in asymptomatic cases that may go unnoticed.

Know how long to use your mask

face maskWhen it comes to a mask’s durability, there are two types: the reusable mask and the disposable one. As the name suggests, single-use items are for one use only and should be thrown away once used. Of this type are, for example, those provided by public transport. This class’s recommendations indicate that the mask should not be used for more than 4 hours for hygienic reasons and should be removed whenever it becomes moist. As for reusable masks, they are valid for different uses, but they will need to be disinfected correctly, not to lose effectiveness.…

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